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A-TOM-MIK Challenge Rules & Entry

There will be a rules review meeting held each Friday at 6:00 prior to event date. A team representative should be present. The tournament's intent is to fish 1 day. Hours of competition are 5am to 1pm on Saturday, unless altered by the tournament committee for inclement weather. In the event of inclement weather, same schedule & times will resume on Sunday.

-Teams may enter and exit from any port in Oswego or Cayuga County.

-Team Structure: Teams are not limited to a maximum number of anglers. Allowable max number of rods will be based on 4 anglers (12 rods). If you fish fewer than four anglers you may only run the number of rods allowed by law (3 per angler).

- Tournament fishing is limited to US waters.

- Fishing in tributaries is prohibited. For the purpose of the tournament all harbors and rivers will be considered tributaries.

- Radio Use: All participating boats must be equipped with an operational VHF radio.

- Open communication will be in effect throughout the tournament.

- Start and End Times: Teams will be allowed to leave their ports at any time and may start fishing at 5 A.M. End time is 1:00 P.M. All fish entered at weigh-in must be landed before 1:00 pm.

Weigh-in: - Upon returning to port the cooler containing the day's catch must be immediately transported to the weigh-in site, Oswego Marina. Weigh-in starts at 12:00 P.M.. A team representative must be in line for weigh-in no later than 3:00 P.M. with catch.

- At least one team member must remain with the days catch until surrendered to the Weigh-in committee.

- All coolers must be marked with the team name.

- All coolers will be considered sealed at the end of the day's fishing and handling of fish by anyone other than a tournament official is prohibited.

- Coolers must arrive at the Pre-Check Station free of loose ice or water. Ice in cooler has to be bagged. The tournament committee strongly suggests opening the drain plug on the cooler prior to pre-check.

- All coolers at the weigh-in must contain no more than six of the allowable Tournament species. Coolers with more than six will be disqualified.

- Weighed in fish will be identified by hole punch in tail, after weight has been recorded.

Scoring: (based on a 2 person limit)

- Tournament limit shall be 6 fish, no Lake trout or Atlantic salmon allowed.

- Minimum size for trout and salmon is 18 inches, except steelhead is 21 1/2. Certified measuring boards will be used at the weigh in site. Each fish will score 10 points. One point will be scored per pound of fish weighed.

- If any fish submitted for weigh-in is found to be smaller than the minimum size established by the tournament, the undersized fish will be disallowed. In addition, 10 points plus 1 point per pound of the undersized fish will be deducted from the team's score.

Liability: Every reasonable precaution will be taken by the Tournament Committee to protect persons and property during the contest. However, the Committee, its judges, sponsors, officers, directors or employees of the same will not be held responsible for the safety of persons or property participating in the tournament. All participants further understand and agree to hold harmless members of the aforementioned groups from any liability or claim of damages.

- All tournament boats should carry liability insurance.

- Each boat owner or a representative will be required to sign a liability disclaimer at review meeting.

2018 A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown Rules:

The A-TOM-MIK Triple Crown will go to the team that accumulates the most points from 2 of the 3 Eastern Basin events, The A-TOM-MIK Challenge, The Little Salmon River Shootout and The Fair Haven Challenge.

Rules governing each of these 3 separate venue's prevail, total point structure accumulated per placement starting in 2018

A Captain or 2 members from the original team may carry total points. It is not mandatory for a team to fish from the same boat throughout the 3 Challenges, however the same team name must be used.

A-TOM-MIK reserves the right to make the final decision upon all circumstances or upon discrepancies, points per placement, per event are listed here:
1st 100 pts
2nd 98 pts
3rd 96 pts
4th 94 pts
5th 92 pts
6th 90 pts
7th 88 pts
8th 86 pts
9th 84 pts
10th 82 pts
11th 80 pts
12th 78 pts
13th 76 pts
14th 74 pts
15th 72 pts
16th 70 pts
17th 68 pts
18th 66 pts
19th 64 pts
20th 62 pts
21st 60 pts
22nd 58 pts
23rd 56 pts
24th 54 pts
Entry fee is $100 and is due prior to the A-TOM-MIK Challenge.
Approx. payouts are as follows:

1st Place 48% of entry dollars & Coveted Cup for 1 year
2nd Place 28% of entry dollars
3rd Place 18% of entry dollars

You do not need to be present at awards ceremony in Fair Haven to win, money will be mailed by check to address from Pay Pal collection when you enter. A variation in price of payout of 1st - 3rd place of approx. .035% "may" be present to cover Pay Pal fees, we will take into consideration those who send in entrants in form of a check. If so, please make out to:

Tom Allen 246 West 7th Street Oswego, NY 13126

Please keep deadlines in mind if mailing, ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

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